About us

We are a multi award winning and largest buyer of grape leaves in Erbaa, Tokat.

Efkana is the most delicious vine leaves from Erbaa in Turkey.

Efkana is a producer of grape leaves from Turkey, from Erbaa area in Tokat to be exact, where they have been producing this delicacy for centuries. Efkana is by far the biggest buyer of grape leaves in this region and we have established good relationship with various growers in the region.

Really from Erbaa

There are regions in the world that are known for a specific product. The location, natural resources and craftsmanship contribute to a unique situation, making these products more beautiful, better and more delicious than elsewhere. Erbaa in Tokat provides the ideal conditions for growing vine leaves. By cultivating this crop for centuries, the quality has increased further. Fortunately, Efkana’s buyers have built up good relationships with local farmers, which prevents competition from gaining a foothold. In addition to export, there are also some farmers who provide the area with ‘real’ Erbaa leaves. Other brands buy elsewhere while pretending that they are the real Erbaa vine leaves from Tokat. Unfortunately, they cannot match our range of products.

Star in exports

In 2017, Mis Yaprak won the special award “Export Stars” given by Turkey Exporters Association. This competition was organized by DHL-Turkey, the main sponsor Akbank with the participation of Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Economy. In the same year, Efkana also won the Turkish Agriculture Awards, “Oscar” in this sector. We pride ourselves not only on the recognition we receive, but also the recognition for the products we supply both domestically and abroad.

Top quality and best taste
Organic and all natural
Delivery all over Europe

Erbaa Mayor Ertuğrul Karagöl made us proud by presenting our products to Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

We work together for a better future

As a socially responsible entrepreneur, we work with our farmers on sustainable farming without unnecessary chemicals or unnatural preservatives. This is beneficial to people and the environment, now and in the future.


All our products are of the highest quality and are carefully packed and shipped.

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