Erbaa Tokat

Why is the Efkana vine leaves considered one of the most delicious quarters (Tokat) in the world?

Quarters of a district in Turkey has a population of nearly 100,000 people. It belongs to the region of Tokat. The unique location and climate are ideal for growing vine leaves. While there are more regions where vine leaves grow, leaf quarters are among the most beloved in the world.
Of course, there are differences in processes and quality for each grower. It is therefore important for the buyer to be familiar with the area and maintain good relationships with individual farmers. Efkana knows the city of Erbaa in Tokat like no other, on this page we would like to provide more information about this special area.

Where is Erbaa located ?

The city of Erbaش is located in the district of the same name. This area is surrounded by Mount Karina on the north side and Saqqarat and Bogatli Mountains on the south. This natural agricultural area is located at an altitude of 245 meters. Its location near the Black Sea provides for a temperate marine climate. In addition, fresh air is provided by the Yeisjesırmak River. Groundwater quality is also positively impacted by this river.

Why the vine leaves from this region are the best?

The word “best” is subjective, and opinions can of course differ. The fact is that ninety percent of Turkey uses grape leaves from this region, and there is also a large amount of leaves that are sold abroad. Efkana is the largest supplier of grape leaves in Erbaa Tokat in Europe. Thanks to the unique microclimate created by the surrounding mountains, a natural product can be grown here in Turkey that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

In addition to the geographical location, the farmers experience is also of great importance, as it relates to the organic production process.

Efkana maintains close contact with all suppliers and oversees all steps of the process from Erbaa to our clients.


All our products are of the highest quality, packaged and shipped with the most care.

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