Efkana pesticides and ingredients

There is a growing awareness of organic products and the use of pesticides in food. Consumers are increasingly choosing responsible products that are produced with a focus on people and the environment. Efkana vine Leaves is completely free of pesticides, it contains only the riches that nature provides such as manganese, copper, magnesium, iron and calcium. On this page, you can read more about the way our growers handle the pesticides and substances found in Efkana vine leaves.

Vine leaves without pesticides

The term “organic” is increasingly used on products in supermarkets. Efkana’s vine leaves growers take organic farming and environmentally responsible farming very seriously. This means no chemicals or pesticides are used. To ensure this, the leaves from the farmers are sent to an independent research lab to measure the presence of the pesticide. Only when research shows the leaves are completely free of chemicals and pesticides are vine leaves processed by our team

Long shelf life without preservatives

How can our products have a long shelf life without preservatives?
Because there are very natural methods of preservation that have been used for centuries.
Most bacteria are killed instantly by lightly blanching the leaves. Water with natural salt ensures that Efkana vine leaves have a long shelf life without the need for chemical additives. By keeping the line from harvest to sale as short as possible, we can ensure optimal freshness.

The hidden Benefits of Efkana vine leaves

From an early age, we were taught that green vegetables contain many important nutrients. That is certainly the case with our vine leaves. High concentrations of manganese, copper, magnesium, iron and calcium are found in abundance. These are essential building materials for the body. Thus, green leaves are a natural source of calcium, a substance mainly found in dairy products. For this reason, our products are greatly appreciated by vegetarians and vegans

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